Love calligraphy 

Hi I’m sweet pink fox. Today I made this picture and this is my first time ever doing calligraphy. I love this font. Bye 👋🏻 


Cute Spring dress

Hi i’m sweet pink fox. Today I have this cute dress from justice and these cute sandals from justice. I think this outfit  looks really cute with this Diamond necklace. I still need a name for these weekly outfit posts. Bye

Cute outfit 

Hi, I’m sweet pink fox. I know that it’s already Monday and I usually do this on Sunday, but Sunday was busy. So today I’m going to be doing my weekly outfit post.  I still haven’t come up with a cute name for this regular post, but if you have any ideas for what it should be called let me know in the comments. Today I have this cute top from Justice, the shorts are from Target and the boots are also from Justice. My favorite stores are Justice and Claire’s – what are your favorite stores?  Bye

Sweet outfits

Hi i’m sweet pink Fox sorry I haven’t been posting in a while things have just been busy. OK so let’s get the point today and every Sunday I’m going to be posting A outfit as well as posting other things throughout the week. I got the top from Target and the shorts from Target too. I got the shoes from Academy!!! Bye