My map 

Hi I’m sweet pink fox. And today I made the map for my new book. Coming soon. Bye guys.


My book

Hi, I’m sweet pink fox. I decided to work on some cover art for my new book.  It isn’t out yet, but look for some more sneak peek’s from my book. Tell me what you think of my cover design. Bye guys 

Cute Spring dress

Hi i’m sweet pink fox. Today I have this cute dress from justice and these cute sandals from justice. I think this outfit  looks really cute with this Diamond necklace. I still need a name for these weekly outfit posts. Bye

Cute outfit 

Hi, I’m sweet pink fox. I know that it’s already Monday and I usually do this on Sunday, but Sunday was busy. So today I’m going to be doing my weekly outfit post.  I still haven’t come up with a cute name for this regular post, but if you have any ideas for what it should be called let me know in the comments. Today I have this cute top from Justice, the shorts are from Target and the boots are also from Justice. My favorite stores are Justice and Claire’s – what are your favorite stores?  Bye